Kirpal Export Overseas: Original henna powder and herbal hair colors manufacturer in India

Kirpal Export Overseas (KEO Henna) is a well-reputed and well-established manufacturer & supplier of high & best class Natural Henna Powder, Herbal Hair Colors(100% Chemical Free), Indigo Powder For Hair Coloring, Henna Based Hair Colors(Low% Chemical), Fast Acting Henna Colors and Indian Herbs for hair treatment. We believe in our products and research resolute for great, all-natural ingredients.

Our Company is registered with the Drug Controller of Asian nation and has ISO certification. We are constantly improving our Natural products since the beginning and it is till now among the best product available in the market.

Our Hair color products are manufactured in 10 acres covered area plant which has adopted a good outline quality system and parameters. The product itself is monitored under qualified and trained technicians who behold the experience of generations.

Our client area unit is of the highest priority for us and our production activities make sure that the buyers’ area unit is glad about our Herbal product. This is ensured through continuous up-gradation in the techniques of production and therefore the use of innovative technologies in our manufacturing processes.

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We certify to hygienically pack our product thus on make certain that their healthful properties keep intact. In India we manufacture, research, formulate, design, package, manage, and ship our all-natural products. We strive to keep everything locally driven and operated. We source our raw coloring ingredients & herbs from our own henna fields that grow sustainably & abundantly in India.

Our preferred henna crops and natural herb harvests are natively grown in our fields. For generations, many years, our farmers have grown henna and essential herbs for hair dyeing. They’re master farmers at all things henna. We’re all operating along to be a part of the amendment in hair color products. And whereas we have a tendency to tackle our passion and invent herbal hair colors (100% chemical-free), we have the capacity to supply all our products worldwide.

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Our Products

Natural Henna Powder

Herbal Hair Colors (100% Chemical Free)

Henna Based Hair Colors (Low% Chemical)

Fast Acting Henna Colors

Indigo Powder For Hair

Indian Herbs