Leaves of henna plants are picked off from the henna field or natural surroundings finished manually by engaging manpower.

farmer ploughing henna leaves

Farmer Ploughing Henna Leaves

henna plants cutting

Henna Plants Cutting

henna leaves loading in tractor

Henna Leaves Loading in Tractor


Henna leaves are collected & sorted. In sorting procedure leaves which are new and are without any infections or defect are chosen for farther processing. We procuring high-value henna leaves.

henna leaves sorting

Henna Leaves Sorting

leaving henna leaves drying naturally

Leaving henna leaves drying naturally

dry henna leaves filling in bags

Dry Henna Leaves Filling in Bags


Henna leaves from the areas are sieved to extract the impurities.

removing impurities from henna leaves manually

Removing Impurities from Henna Leaves Manually

henna leaves cleaning process

Henna Leaves Cleaning Process

impurity removed from henna leaves

Impurity Removed from Henna Leaves