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Indigo Powder For Hair

Finest Quality Bulk Natural Indigo Powder Manufacturer For Hair Coloring

We at Kirpal Export Overseas manufacture the finest quality and best indigo powder for hair. Our indigo powder hair dyes give a rich hair coloring experience. Kirpal Export Overseas was the first company to introduce indigo powder for hair coloring in the last twenty years. We have mastered ourselves in producing indigo leaf powders with our twenty-five years of experience.

We have an ample set-up for producing the best indigo powder from the leaves of Indigofera Tinctoria, the indigo plant. Indigo is one of the oldest hair dyes which yields a rich and deep blue hue to grey hair that lasts longer. Indigo herbal powder is a natural dye, i.e., when applied to hair it does not leave an instant deep and dense color, but the actual results are shown post twenty-four hours.

Natural Indigo Powder

Indigo PowderWe are natural indigo powder suppliers and  primarily focus on maintaining quality and take every possible effort to produce the natural indigo powder for hair and other henna products by conducting inspections and research at regular intervals. We make use of the finest quality of indigo and its merchandise.

Indigo leaves are extracted from Indigofera Tinctoria, the indigo plant which has small shrubs that grow 1 to 2 meters in the height and also blooms with beautiful pink flowers. It is a frost-tendered plant that grows in the tropics and can be discovered in the temperate localities of India. Indigo is a constituent of the legume plant family, Fabaceae, and also the third-largest family of flowering plants.

Indigofera Tinctoria, the indigo plant biologically rectifies nitrogen every year enriching the soil. The indigo plant yields amazing medical benefits and every part of the indigo plant is used for medical purposes. The plant can be recognized from its leaves and flowers.

Though indigo is a natural blue hair dye, it has other amazing hair benefits too. It is mainly used in the form of hair oil for stimulating hair growth and indigo powder for grey hair is used as the hair pack for coloring hair. Our pure indigo powder is 100% chemical-free, with no ammonia, parabens, or preservatives.

100% Natural Indigo Powder
For Hair Coloring

  • 100% Chemical Free
  • No Ammonia
  • No PPD
  • No Preservatives

Benefits Of Indigo Herbal Powder

Natural Indigo Hair Color