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Natural Indigo Powder For Hair Coloring

We manufacture high-quality indigo powder for hair coloring purposes. We have a lot of experience making this indigo powder in the last 25 years. We have a complete setup to make indigo. We make this powder from the leaves of the indigo plant which is called Indigofera tinctoria (scientific name), one of the oldest dyes known to humankind. It gives a very rich and deep blue shade to grey hair that long lasts.

Because of natural colour when we apply indigo to hair, it does not give deep color to hair. But after 24 hours its true color starts coming.

20 years ago, KEO was the first company to introduce indigo to use in hair coloring.

indigo powder for hair

Our prime focus is to maintain quality, We make every effort to provide the best quality henna products by conducting regular inspections. We make use of the simplest quality of Indigo altogether its merchandise.

Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) is a shrub that grows between 1m – 2m high, blossoming throughout July-September, it is a frost-tender plant of the tropics and discovered in temperate localities of India which needs abounding of lightweight. Its a constituent of the legume family, Fabaceae, and the third-largest family of flowering plants, Indigofera tinctoria can biologically rectify nitrogen, every year enriching the dirt.

The Indigo Powder is got from the dry leaves of indigo fear tinctoria vegetation. Natural Indigo leaves offered by us are flawless for hair tinting due to their deep blue hue. Most natural indigo hair dye is obtained from natural indigo leaves within the Indigofera, that area unit native to the tropic.

100% Natural Indigo Powder For Hair Coloring

– 100% Chemical Free
– No Ammonia
– No PPD
– No Preservatives

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Some benefits of our
Indigo Powder

Gives natural color to the hair without any side consequences.

Works as a hair conditioner to the hair, departing it glossy and smooth.

Cools scalp & works as a dandruff treatment.

Therapeutic & calming remedy in the direction of hair development.

Treats headaches & aids sleep in a natural way.

Makes the hair glossy, supple, and manageable which gives a attractive look to your hair.

Help covering grey hair in a natural kind sustaining the texture of the hair.

Therapeutic & calming remedy in the direction of hair development.