India's Leading Best Quality Shikakai Powder Manufacturer and Exporter in India

We are a leading shikakai powder manufacturer in India. We buy dried shikakai fruit from the market, then we take out the impurities from it and after that, we grind it
into very fine powder. Our shikakai powder is good for hairs, good for skin, no artificial flavor, and contains no preservatives.

Active Ingredients
Organic, triple-sifted Shikakai Fruit Powder made by crushing dried shikakai fruits, without any added preservatives or chemicals.

shikakai powder
Finest Amla Powder after Grinding
Amla Grinding Machine

Shikakai Powder Benefits:

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry is nutrient-rich. It is an uncommon balance of sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter flavors. Amla is a very rich source of vitamin C, iron, and calcium, it is a health treasure. It also provides many beauty benefits for your hair and skin.

Shikakai Powder Product Specification:

  1. Product Name: Shikakai Powder
  2. Product Form: Powder
  3. Powder Color: Redish Brownish
  4. Private Labeling/OEM: Available
  5. Certification: MSDS, HALAL, GMP, ISO, ORGANIC
  6. Quality: Triple Sifted, Finest
  7. Place of Origin: India

Available in Packing

100 gram, 500 gram, and 1 kg and 20kg to 25 kg bulk packing in bags. Colored metallic pouches are available.

We also have zipper pouches available in silver color.

Double Layer Vacuum packaging (Vacuum Sealed LDPE Pouch + Composite Aluminum Foil Pouch).